All is Not Lost

January 17, 2010

There’s no way to sugar coat a demoralizing loss in the playoffs.  There’s nothing that can make the final score any less painful, to like anything that happened in that dome.  There was hope going into the game, but they hadn’t lost there all year.

It was one game, but don’t overlook what the Cowboys accomplished this season.

The Cowboys finished the regular season 11-5.  They got their first playoff win in years, and things seem to be on the upward swing.  There was plenty of development by young players.  Things just feel different around the team than they have in the last several years, despite the loss.

Look, this is a coach that no one wanted hired.  But he’s silencing critics.   Slowly.  It’s hard to replace one of the legendary coaches in the entire history of football.  There will be doubts.

There’s still some doubt about the quarterback, but make no mistake – this is a quarterback who can lead this team to the promised land.

The Cowboys got beaten on both sides of the ball, but they kept one of the leagues best rushers in check all day.  Things just didn’t go right.
This blog didn’t exist in 1991, but that’s what I would have typed after the Cowboys fell to the Lions in the Divisional round of the playoffs.  It all fits again in 2009.

The next several months are going to suck, but that 1991 team turned into the 1992 team.  That team turned into the last Dynasty.

Things won’t be the same next year.  There will be different players.  Marcus Spears and Flozell Adams have probably worn the star for the last time.  Perhaps the same can be said of Roy Williams, but I doubt it.

And remember — next year, the Super Bowl comes to Big D.


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