New Years Resolutions

December 30, 2009

As the clock winds closer to midnight tomorrow, most people will be mailing in some columns or blog posts trying to roll early out of work and commence the dropping of balls (not you, Roy E.) and drinking of bubbly (it’s probably flat by now, Mercury).  So, being that I’m going to be at work later than I should be tomorrow, here you go:  your first “New Years resolution predictions for the Cowboys.”    Really, if someone at the FWST doesn’t have this up by 11 tonight, I’ll resolve to not call them out on their cartoon-like lack of originality for doing something stupid like a column of resolutions for local sports figures.   

Tony Romo:  Resolves to only resolve one day at a time, and as long as he makes resolutions to get better every day he has a chance to go where he wants to go.

Marion Barber:  He resolves to be friendlier to the media.  That’s right, two – count ‘em TWO – brief statements to the press in 2010.

Roy Williams:  Something about extra practice and trust and rhythm. 

Tashard Choice:  TC has resolved to speak his mind in 2010. 

Keith Brooking:  He says waiting for the calendar to make changes is stupid.  So he shaved that horrible mustache last week.  I’m guessing after they got too many calls about why the guy from No Country for Old Men was on their Christmas card.

Jerry Jones:  He won’t be forced into making a resolution early.  When the time comes to make a resolution, that is just what he will do. 

Marty B:  Hang out with the aliens on Mars more often.  He’s been neglecting them recently. 

There, all goofiness aside, I can now get back to the original post I was writing about why you won’t see fewer plays out of the wildcat going forward and why Garrett kept dialing up the same play in short yardage last week.


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