Why I hate columnists

December 19, 2009

OK, the headline is a bit strong.  I dislike two columnists, both from the Star-Telegram.  Jennifer Floyd Engel and Randy Galloway are hacks of the highest order.

So, I finish the last post, and then go to Google Reader to view the latest on the game.  I see the FWST’s staff picks .

To save you from having to click, Galloway calls the Saints 100-0 and JFE has it 49-0.  I’m sure at one point in their careers, both desired to seek out topics, become informed and then select a point of view.  Those days are long gone.  I termed what Galloway does as madlibs columns where he simply takes what a local team does, and replace that into the same hackneyed garbage comparisons.  Add in a few disparaging nicknames, and voila, lucrative career.

They simply desire raising your ire, and I’ve let them get me once again.   Please do yourself a favor, and when you see either of their by-lines…. skip it.


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