If you had JJT and the Over

December 16, 2009

On Sunday, following the loss to San Diego I said the following: 

It’s far too easy to mention him in connection with the David Duval’s and Steve Sax’s of the sports world, so I’ll leave that to the JFE’s and Galloway’s of the media (if they already haven’t, that is.)

Today, Jean-Jacques Taylor had this to say:

Any coach who’s been in the NFL for more than 30 years should know it’s possible for kickers to lose it for no apparent reason the same way golfer David Duval lost it or second baseman Chuck Knoblauch lost it.

In JJT’s defense, I still read his opinions.  I haven’t read more than 2 paragraphs combined from Galloway or JFE in probably a year.  My life is better for it, but they may have beaten him to the punch.  I just don’t know.


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