on Ware, Folk and December

December 14, 2009

I’ve seen DeMarcus Ware sack quarterbacks. I’ve seen him knife through defenses, wreaking havoc in the back field. I’ve seen him happy. I’ve seen him sad.

And today, I saw him on his back. On the ground, surrounded by teammates, doctors, first responders, Chargers and a head brace.

While CBS continued to clear their commercials, I reassured myself. Talking with my sister and my brother-in-law, I was trying to convince myself that he would be OK.

I’ve seen DeMarcus Ware talk to his daughter. As he laid there, that was the vision in my head. Him singing to his daughter on Hard Knocks.

I’ve seen Jay Ratliff celebrate. I’ve seen others imitate it. But when I saw him give the thumbs-up as Ware was being prepared to move, that’s when I think I celebrated the most about anything Ratliff has ever done.

There’s lots of things from this game relating to the outcome, to the future of this season, and to the future lives of many people. There isn’t much to celebrate as a Cowboy fan when it comes to the game. But as we analyze, blame and break down the contest – let us not forget to celebrate that Ware will be able to play peek-a-boo with his daughter.

I hope he makes it back on to the football field. That’s my connection to him. That’s me being selfish. Don’t forget, though, that there are many in this world with connections far more important than anything we’ve seen him do on the field.

Now, on to the game:

*Nick Folk was masterful today. Nailing, not one, but two 53-yard field goals to clinch the vict… wait. I guess I have to take the advice of many and forget the past. Nick Folk just doesn’t have it now, and the Cowboys can’t wait for him to figure it out.

The question now at Valley Ranch is does David Buehler have it?

Nick will land another job in the NFL, but he simply cannot keep this one. It has been a year across the league where many kickers have fallen pray to the yips. It’s far too easy to mention him in connection with the David Duval’s and Steve Sax’s of the sports world, so I’ll leave that to the JFE’s and Galloway’s of the media (if they already haven’t, that is.)

I said before the game that teams as evenly matched as this, that the winner would be the team who won in turnovers, special teams and keeping the quarterback clean. Romo and Rivers both had time today. The Cowboys were +1 on the turnover chart. Folk missed a kick, and gave the special teams win to the Chargers. They won by three.

* The Cowboys have pulled off something quite rare. Teams that finish on the plus side of the turnover chart have won 77% of the time this season. The Cowboys have now lost two in a row where they took more than they gave. Not easy.

*The Cowboys were near the top of the league before today in forcing the opposing offense to go three and out. They had 0 of them today. The Newman pick ended the only Charger drive of less than 6 plays in the game. Meanwhile, the Cowboys themselves had no three-and-outs.

*Let the talk continue. The Cowboys can’t win in December. Tony Romo can’t come up big when it counts. You know the things that have been said. I’ll say my peace about them tomorrow. I also talk many of you off the ledge. There’s plenty to still be excited about over the next three weeks. Not the least of which is DeMarcus Ware lifting his baby girl over his head.


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  1. very well written piece TA

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