August 12, 2009

You’ll be seeing lots of lists in the next day talking about things to watch for in the Cowboy/Raider tilt.  I’m here to tell you about 5 things NOT to watch for.  Five things people will take, extrapolate way too much from that have little meaning.  Remember, last years only undefeated exhibition team (I call them exhibitions only because the league sent a memo a few years ago wanting them to be called pre-season games) was the Detroit Lions.

1.  Romo-To-Roy.  There will be lots of talk coming out of this game about these two.  Remember, it’s one game, one almost game.  Romo will probably try and prove a point here, and go to Roy when he’s a little too covered.  I’d expect to see atleast one forced pass in the two series they play, just because Tony is well aware of what the public thinks, no matter what he says.

2.  “Romo-friendly” – First, no one has an idea about what this means, only educated (or uneducated) guesses.  They’ll run, they’ll pass – but the one thing Jason Garrett won’t do is let this game reveal tendencies.

3.  Alright, one more Romo-related “Thing not to watch” – Ball Protection.  It’s the first exhibition game, and it’s one where Romo has undoubtedly been informed to be extra careful.  Say what you want about the signal caller for America’s Team, but don’t think he’s ignorant.  He’ll throw the ball away if it’s not there.  He’ll let a guy get him down (maybe), but he knows what’s at stake – nothing – and will make plays accordingly.

4.  Sensabaugh in coverage – Yes, it’s something we want to see, but with the first-team corners out, he’ll always have an eye out for what’s happening on the edges.  Read too much into this, either way, and you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

5.  False starts on Adams – Not because it doesn’t mean anything, but because it’s likely to happen, even in just 2 series, and will just make your blood boil.  Wade can make them sit out all the plays they want, but Flo isn’t going to get beaten to the edge by someone in the first game, even if it means escaping the crouch a little bit early.



  1. Totaly agree.The only thing that I get out of the (Exhibition games) is what is going on with the rookies.As much as I want to be able to see the starters, I hate risking injuries and the element of surprise.The rookies and non-starters have alot on the line and they are fun to watch to me.Thanks for the blog Adam.I enjoy your thoughts on football and our beloved Cowboys.

  2. Yeah, that’s why I’m not sure to look for with the “Razorback” package in August. Jones isn’t dressing tonight, I don’t think, but I’d say the likelyhood of seeing it in the season is inverse to how much it makes it into the preseason.

    Plus, with more teams using it, there’s more chances for defenses to get ready for it, and so they’ll almost all have a clue about what to do. Plus I don’t like taking the ball out of Romo’s hands.

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