Last of the Romohicans

November 17, 2008

I’m good at dealing with disappointment.  Remarkably good.  In the month leading up to the game with the Foreskins, it felt like “I Am Legend,” only instead of turning into vampires, everyone turned into Tom Coughlin look-alikes.

Friends, blogs, the media, sports-talk callers – the ones who weren’t jumping off the ship were throwing chinese stars at the people left.  Or, should I say person.  True, I wasn’t the only one who still had hopes for the season.  I just happened to not encounter any others.

So, in an alcohol-feuled rage, I decided to annoy some people with a good case of classic Romo-Speak.  Always looking to be hip and fresh, and those who know me know I’m hip and fresh above anything else, I stumbled upon a new Romo-speak nickname that I decided to self-gloss, knowing that the people I annoyed would become seriously pissed about it.  I redubbed myself “Last of the Romohicans.”

Saturday, in an alcohol-fueled rage, I thought of a pithy comment for deadspin’s “Hugh Johnson Project.”  Appearantly, they lacked incoming pith, because three of mine were selected. Suddenly, gushing with internet-based validation I decided that I would further my quest to get mentioned even more. I did beat my own record, and in the process remembered that I should get a plug for this site so people could come read the lack of updates and go about their business. Figured it was a good time to go Romo-speak on the masses, and suddenly “Last of the Romohicans” had a majority of the comments in the final Hugh of the day.

Thus ended my journey, until today going through my RSS feeds and came across the SNF blog from deadspin. That is when I saw this:

titled Sack of the Mohicans

titled "Sack of the Mohicans"

I just don’t know what the deal is here.

I’ve drunkenly texted AJ Daulerio inflammatory things after he put his number on the site.  I’ve had a 2-week commenter trial end in non-approval for mentioning my old profession (no, not the oldest profession).  Will Leitch repeatedly ignored my emails, and responded to one.  My other blog was linked there once.  C’lay only slightly big-timed me after getting a job there.  I mean, deadspin, I thought we had a good thing – I sought your approval, you denied, I tried again.  This relationship worked for me, and I’m guessing it did for you though you seem rather unaffected.

I think I need reperations for this, right?  I mean, I need my own lesson in Romo-speak guest post, or a “Hugh Jobber Project” for the NFL, or having the commenter approval process waived, or a T-Shirt.  I mean, I’m negotiable.  A galley of “Men with Balls”  (See, that’s a link to BUY the book, and I asked for nothing…well, nothing additional!), Something?

Perhaps just an email telling me to screw off?  I mean, I’m not very hard to please… because after all, I am the Last of the Romohicans.


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