Porky Pigs and Dandy Don

November 3, 2008

“That’s all folks.”  “Turn out the lights….”  Feels like we’re in the postscript of the Cowboy’s season, at least if you bothered to wake up and look at what’s being said about the team. 


Getting Tony Romo back after the bye gives the Cowboys a chance to make the playoffs. It guarantees nothing for a team whose flaws extend far past the quarterback position.”  –Tim MacMahon, DaMN


To tell you the truth though, I’m tired of the Romo excuse.” – Grizz from bloggingtheboys.com


Seriously, besides Romo’s return, do the Cowboys have more reasons to be optimistic?” – Brian Davis, DaMN


“It’s not just going to happen because Tony[Romo] is coming back.”  – Jason Witten, in the DaMN.


Romo isn’t enough.  The problems are deeper – that’s what everyone is telling me.  Perhaps it’s time to listen.  Put Romo on IR, since everything else can’t be fixed, and let’s play Rangers Baseball and get ready for next year just into the second half of the season.  I didn’t even bother reading Galloway – but that’s nothing new, win or lose.


Here’s another quote, a little bit more lengthy of a missive, so I’ve edited it down some.  It’s written by Rafael Vela from blueandsilverreport.com: 


the Cowboys again tripped over their collective feet in an embarrassing … loss to New York Giants. Looking for goats? Throw a dart. You’re bound to hit somebody on the team. Practically every Cowboys’ unit shares in the blame. The offensive line was again undone.The backs were slow and suspect on their blocks, letting the Giants blitz wave proceed…. The pass rush was again inconsistent. The secondary again sputtered…The vaunted run defense was gashed by the Giants backs. …The big ink will go to the QB position… Their season so far shows they’re an inconsistent team that can’t pass protect against good defenses. The rush needs blitz supplements and their secondary gives up too many big plays.


Know when that was?  Not this morning.  Not last night.   October 23rd, 2006.  The night Drew Bledsoe made his last start for the Cowboys. 


Remember what happened BEFORE then?  TO…ambulance…25 million reasons to live…Ring a bell?  That’s when everyone was all in an uproar about how off field stuff was distracting the team, and how with all drama.  Never mind, you do remember.  It happened two weeks ago, just change the name TO to Pacman.  On second thought, just add Pacman in there, because Mt. Terrell is about to erupt any moment according to the newspapers.   It was the same trite garbage then, and it’s the same trite garbage now from journalists who live in their wife’s basements.   


The parallels are becoming clearer aren’t they? 


And our final quote: 


“We’re going to be ready to go Sunday, and we’re going to try and turn this thing around…The way to right the ship is to win.”


That’s America’s Quarterback, back prior to the inauguration…. Final week of October, 2006.  I remember what happened next, do you?  Sunday night game, Romo the only thing different.  Even a 14-point deficit.  Dallas 35, Carolina 14.  Then a trip to Landover.  Then Arizona.  Then Indy.  Then Thanksgiving and the huge game against Tampa, then Witten down the seam to gain revenge on the Giants. 


Enter Romo, and over the next seven games, the Cowboys won five.  It was around that time when words like “romomentum” were entering the lexico  It was around that time when one thing changed, and EVERYTHING changed as a result.  Now I know, though, that that cant happen, the media told me.  Getting Romo back isn’t enough reason for me to still hold out hope for the season. 


So, I don’t. 


Getting Romo back is the reason that I’m not worried about the season at all.  It’s not a beauty contest in October.  There is no Harris Interactive Poll.  No composite rankings.  Win 5 of the next 7, and this is all irrelevant. 


It’s go out, get in the playoffs, flip a coin.  That’s it.  You know why the Cowboys said the better team lost last year in the playoffs?  Because the better team did.  It’s not about being the best team, or the better team.  Survive and advance.  That’s IT.  I’ll take my chances. 


If 2006 was about building Romomentum, then I sit here in 2008 and say these next 7 games, they’re about Romovenge. 


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