October 26, 2008

It’s like he’s trying to do it on purpose.

Tim MacMahon has a general disdain for not only the fans, but the team.  Biased coverage is one thing.  We all live with that.  The Metroplex did make Galloway a star.  But MacMahon is trying to find a scab.   Trying to find something to pick at.

Tim, I ask you – keyboard to keyboard.  Do you hate being the lead blogger for a major metropolitan newspaper?  There’s certainly a daily in Iowa that would love your background.

I’ve dated girls I didn’t like before.  Do you know what I did to them?  STOPPED SEEING THEM!   If you don’t like where you work Timmy Mac – go somewhere else.  No one but your accountant will shed a tear.  You turn a fair amount of skill into vapid nothingness.

You bait the fans, you bait the team.  Then you get vengful when they say the media did something?  Honestly – what the hell?  Sorry the Dallas Cowboys kicked your dog.


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