You think you know someone…

April 27, 2008

Jerry.  I thought I knew you.  I didn’t waste time with any mock drafts, because I knew it was a fruitless effort to go thinking about who you’d take at 22 and 28.  You weren’t going to pick at 22 and 28.

I knew you.  I have the hat you signed for me still sitting there, on display for anyone who looks in the plastic bag in the top of the coat closet (I don’t really do memorabilia).

Turns out, I’m Cliff Irving.  You’re Howard Hughes.  Not to say you’re some rich, crazy recluse.  Everyone knows you love being the center of attention in the public square.

Just when I thought that you’d be trading down, addressing needs while amassing picks to address needs down the road, you traded up.

Just when I thought the one thing you wouldn’t do was what everyone said you would, you did what everyone said you would.  You picked twice in the first round, nabbing a corner and a running back.

Now, you have everyone fooled again.  Now they all think that they know what you’ll do.  So Sunday, I’ll get up early, because all I know is that you won’t be doing what everyone thinks you’re going to do.  Or you will, because everyone thinks you’ll do anything but what they think you’ll do.

When the Oracle at Delphi said that Socrates was the wisest of all Athenians, Socrates argued that if he was the wisest man it was only because he was wise enough to know he had no wisdom.


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